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As a leading AI and big data-driven platform that offers real-time price information and indices for crypto currency miners, We provide reliable pricing for international buyers, as well as proxy purchasing, logistics, and trade security services. Our goal is to assist buyers in making informed decisions while minimizing risk and ensuring safe transactions.

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How the purchasing agent service works?

Based on the specific products being purchased, we will charge a purchasing agent service fee of 4% to 8%


Add to purchase list

Once you have found the miner that you want to buy, add it to your purchase list.


Submit Pre Order for Best Quotation

Fill out the pre order form with information about the expected price, condition, inventory (spot/futures), and quantity of the item you want to purchase and submit it. we will then start looking for the best deal for you.


Collect Quotations from Suppliers

With the phone or email, our pre-sales customer service will contact you to confirm your procurement requirements. We will then collect quotes from different suppliers based on your pre order, in order to ultimately obtain the best deal for you.


Confirm and pay

Based on the best quotes we have collected for you, you will receive quotation from our customer service. You can choose to accept the quotation as order and make the payment or reject the quotation and wait for us to find a better one for you.



After you have confirmed and paid for your order, we will take care of the logistics and shipping process. You will receive updates on the status of your order and can track the delivery of your item until it arrives at your doorstep.

AsicFinder.com - Your Trusted Source for Asic Miners

AsicFinder.com is an online platform developed by Shenzhen Yizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. to facilitate the purchase of virtual mining machines by cryptocurrency miners worldwide. Leveraging artificial intelligence and big data analysis, AsicFinder provides comprehensive market information and cost quotations for Asic miners. Our platform offers real-time internal cost quotations, aggregated from thousands of internal quotes provided by various sales agents, ensuring reliability and minute-by-minute updates.

With a vast database of real-time quotations, AsicFinder goes beyond mere pricing information by providing a price index for miners. This index is derived from thousands of quotations, incorporating data extraction, analysis, cleansing of inaccurate data, filtering redundant information, and statistical processing. It offers insights into the best recent prices and average quotations for each miner, considering factors such as condition, availability, and futures options. This empowers buyers to swiftly and reasonably select the optimal quotation for their needs.

Even if you're not currently in the market for purchasing miners but wish to stay informed, AsicFinder.com offers an excellent price subscription feature. By specifying the desired miner model and target price, our platform will immediately notify you via email once your preferred price becomes available. This ensures you never miss an opportunity to acquire miners at a favorable price.

Our core objective in creating AsicFinder.com is to provide essential decision-making resources for miner buyers worldwide. Moreover, we welcome global miners to select us as their trusted procurement partner in China. We offer transparent and accountable procurement services, assuming responsibility for any fraud or substandard products that may arise during the transaction process. This commitment mitigates purchasing risks for buyers, and AsicFinder charges a service fee ranging from 4% to 8% based on specific transaction details. Additionally, we provide complimentary shipping services through reputable logistics companies such as DHL. If desired, you can also request our paid customs clearance and delivery services. Please contact our staff for detailed service pricing.

The establishment of AsicFinder.com resolves a series of challenges faced by cryptocurrency miners when purchasing mining machines:

1、Transparent and non-deceptive pricing:

While over 95% of virtual currency mining machines are produced in China, mining activities are not encouraged in the country. As a result, pricing for ASIC miners, even within China, remains highly opaque, let alone for international buyers. Thousands of sellers, buyers, and mining farm operators engage in daily mining machine transactions within China. The prices typically offered to domestic market participants are internal channel prices, often lower than international market prices, but accessible only within specific social groups through platforms like WeChat. AsicFinder.com aims to bring these cost prices to light through data extraction and analysis. This transparency greatly benefits international miners, providing them with pricing references and safeguarding them against price deception.

2、Proxy procurement:

AsicFinder can assist miner buyers in purchasing various types of miners based on their price specifications. We communicate with sellers, report on actual prices, and facilitate the purchase of miners at desired prices. Miner buyers are only required to pay a nominal service fee.

3、Ensuring secure transactions:

China currently serves the purchasing needs of thousands of miners worldwide. Given the unfamiliarity of foreign buyers with the Chinese market and the prevalence of scams globally, there is always a risk of fraudulent activities and unscrupulous sellers attempting to deceive buyers or provide substandard mining machines. As a leading ASIC miner supplier, Shenzhen Yizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. maintains deep partnerships with numerous manufacturers, including Antminer, Whatminer, Avalon, and Goldshell. We have established a strong track record and reputation for providing exceptional service in the industry. We take full responsibility for every payment received and every miner shipped, ensuring absolute transaction security.

4、Shipping and clearance services:

Shipping mining machines from China to other countries can be a tedious and complex process. Many miner buyers express concerns about the intricacies and challenges involved in logistics and customs clearance. AsicFinder.com offers a convenient solution by providing paid dual customs clearance services. With this service, you can rest assured that your ordered products will be delivered directly to your doorstep without any hassle or additional work on your part.

At AsicFinder.com, we are dedicated to supporting cryptocurrency miners worldwide in their pursuit of efficient and secure mining operations. Whether you are an individual miner looking for the best prices and reliable suppliers or a mining farm operator in need of large-scale procurement services, our platform is here to assist you. We strive to provide transparency, reliable information, and top-notch service to ensure your mining equipment procurement process is smooth and successful.

In summary, AsicFinder.com is a cutting-edge online platform powered by artificial intelligence and big data analysis. We offer real-time internal cost quotations and a comprehensive price index for Asic miners. Our platform addresses the challenges faced by cryptocurrency miners, such as opaque pricing, proxy procurement, transaction security, and shipping logistics. We take pride in our transparent and reliable services, backed by strong partnerships with leading manufacturers. With AsicFinder.com, you can make informed decisions, minimize risks, and streamline your mining equipment procurement process. Trust us to be your trusted partner in the world of Asic miners.