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Cost quotations are collected from thousands of Chinese Asic Miner agents and sellers in realtime. Subscribe to our low price alerts to make sure you never miss a great deal.

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How the purchasing agent service works?

Based on the specific products being purchased, we will charge a purchasing agent service fee of 4% to 8%


Add to purchase list

Once you have found the miner that you want to buy, add it to your purchase list.


Submit Pre Order for Best Quotation

Fill out the pre order form with information about the expected price, condition, inventory (spot/futures), and quantity of the item you want to purchase and submit it. we will then start looking for the best deal for you.


Collect Quotations from Suppliers

With the phone or email, our pre-sales customer service will contact you to confirm your procurement requirements. We will then collect quotes from different suppliers based on your pre order, in order to ultimately obtain the best deal for you.


Confirm and pay

Based on the best quotes we have collected for you, you will receive quotation from our customer service. You can choose to accept the quotation as order and make the payment or reject the quotation and wait for us to find a better one for you.



After you have confirmed and paid for your order, we will take care of the logistics and shipping process. You will receive updates on the status of your order and can track the delivery of your item until it arrives at your doorstep.

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🍀三姐妹💋玲子 💋@坤航
about 13 hours ago

Second-hand L7: 9050, 20 units in Xinjiang.


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